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This category is all about Marketing. It is very important for every business. Any business without marketing is flop. So we understand it in this category. This is very helpful for your business. There are main five important parts in Business. If it is okay it means your business is good condition but if not it means your business is not good at all. So these are Marketing, Value creation, Value delivery, Sales and Finance. I think it is a very essential part of the business. This knowledge for every businessman, entrepreneurs who want to grow their startups, small shop owners and all who want to grow their business or startup to the next level. I have written two articles about this topic.First article about what is marketing? And all concept about it. Like its simple meaning in my words, its channels, its definition By Philip Kotler, its Evolution and types of markets. This is all with beautiful infographics.Second article about its strategies. That's very important in business. It makes understand that how to use it very practically. This is all also with examples.

What is Marketing?

What is marketing and what is meant by marketing? All the concepts explained

What is meant by marketing?What is marketing? (By Philip Kotler)To the quarter...

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