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What do you think most expensive currency in the world? Some will say that dollars, pound, yen, etc. But what is the actual answer to this? The answer is Time. Yes, Time is the most expensive currency in the world. If you are rich or richest in the world although you never buy it. If one moment gone, you can never retrieve one moment back again. So we will have to understand the value of time. And so we have to manage our time. For that, we must learn Time management. So what is time management? Time management is no Time Management. It is how do you effectively prioritize your time.You have in a day is the same as the number of hours that Bill Gates or somebody as successful as him also have in a day.  It's dependent on how we decide to use the 24 hours. This is the gift of god because life is made of time. So what we can do to make the most out of it. So this category includes all about only this.  It will ensure that you get to use your time very judiciously. You get a lot more done in your day then what you do right now.

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